Avaya B199 SIP Conferentie Phone (NIEUW)

Avaya B199 SIP Conferentie Phone (NIEUW)


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088 - 0045125

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De Avaya B199 SIP is een conferentie toestel.

The Avaya B199 has three connectivity modes: SIP, USB, and Bluetooth for fast, simple, and flexible connectivity options for different use cases such as traditional conference rooms, video huddle rooms, and PC/laptop connection.

The Avaya IX™ Conference Phone B199 delivers state of the art technology to any size conference room to significantly improve the conferencing experience for all meeting participants. Avaya's OmniSound® technology creates a natural sense of presence to sense meeting room participants and allow them to move freely around the room without any audio impairment. The simple to use touch interface removes any roadblocks from starting and managing the meeting

Coming August/September 2019!

Belangrijke eigenschappen: 


  • Supported on IP Office 7.0 or higher
  • Requires Essential Edition, available voice compression channels (VCM 32/64 or IP500 Combination ATM card), and available Avaya IP Endpoint license
  • NOTE: Although the Avaya B199 is SIP based
  • Crystal Clear Sound:
  • OmniSound® audio technology guarantees clear transmission during meetings, so you and your team don’t miss any part of the discussion.
  • Full Duplex transmits and receives sound simultaneously to prevent audio clipping; 360° surround sound
  • powerful speakers optimize audio pick-up and broadcasting.
  • Noise suppression filters cut static background 
  • noise and an equalizer lets you adjust pitch to suit

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